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Browser Security Test    
* Verify you do not have SSL 2-3 enabled, check for FREAK Attack, POODLE Vulnerability, and other tests. I recomend upgrading to the latest browser, and ensuring SSL is disabled.  Disable by clicking here.
FREAK Attack Test Only => Wait for the message at the top of the
page to see if you have a problem or not.
* Superfish, Komodia, PrivDog vulnerability test Verify you get the message: "Good,
Superfish is probably not intercepting your connections"
* Allowed Certificate Check Verify all Check marks are green!
Revoked certificate => Click on the link "" and your browser should NOT allow the page to be displayed.
Browser Plugin Tests    
* Verifies that most common plugins are up to date Make sure all items show "Up to Date" if an item does not, then install the update. Click the Scan button, then check the box and start.
Adobe Reader => Click on "Adobe Test" it should open a test PDF file within your browser.
Test JavaScript Verifies that JavaScript is running or not.   Enable within your browser settings.

Router/Firewall Security    
* Port 32764 Security Risk Needs to show Green or Yellow "Stealth" or "Closed"
* UPnP Security Risk Check Click on "Proceed" then click on "GRC's Instant UPnP Exposure Test" Click on "Scan My Router"
Firewall Test (inbound test) Click on "Proceed" then click on "All Service Ports"
IPv6 firewall test => Click on "Original IPv6 firewall scanner" or "Lightweight IPv6 firewall scanner"
Firewall Filter test (outbound) Click on the application/protocol you would like to verify is not blocked by your internet connection.
Internet Speed Test    
* HTML 5 (Required) Very nice speed test that does not require any plugins, but does need a more recent browser to work.
Flash (Required) IPv4 & IPv6 You do not have to have comcast service to perform this test. It will also test IPv6 speed!
Flash (Required) Most likely the most common speed test.
Flash (Required) Most likely the second most common speed test.
Java (Required) A Java speed test I found.  Does not seem that accurate.
Internet Performance Tests    
Netalyzr (Java Required) This test is fantastic to see if you buffer bloat.  Look for "Network buffer measurements" if yours is read it can cause many strange problems.
PingTest (Java & Flash Required) This test is fantastic to see how your overall online performance is.  Will give you a grade A-F.

DNS Checks and Providers    
Open DNS Test:
Block Porn:
Norton Connect Safe:
Block Porn:
Test your DNS server:    
* GRC DNS Name server Spoffability Test Use this website to verify your DNS servers are not spoofable.   Click on "Initiate Standard DNS Spoofability Test" at bottom of page.   If you have customized your DNS settings then this will test those DNS servers.  If you have not customized them and/or you have no idea what DNS even is, then this will most likely be testing your Internet Provider's DNS servers.
Email Tests    
* DMARC (SPF and DKIM) Website generates random email address to perform test with.
Reply test Send an email to this address and it should come back to you.
Verify SPF and/or DKIM    
Verify using "mail_from" Click here for more information.
Verify using "from" header  

Website Speed Test
Test the speed of a website Is a website loading slow?   Then test it with this site, and see if it's faster or not.  The problem may not be your computer.
Test website Security
Qualys SSL Labs Server Test Use this website to test how secure the HTTPS website is that you are connecting to.   You need to see "A" Grade!

* These test are highly recommended to perform and verify that you pass!

Do you have your own website?   Here are my recommended Windows Cipher Suites.



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